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How much are you paying for your live fleet tracking?

It is a fact that the cost of mobile data and tracking hardware has dropped dramatically over the past 12 months but our competitors have not passed on that cost saving to their customers.

Are you trying to compare prices online but can't find any fleet tracking companies that are willing to publish their prices?

We are not afraid to display our prices because we know they are the cheapest fleet tracking options in the UK and our prices do not mean you have to compromise on quality or service.

How do we do it? Back2You are partnered with one of the world's largest mobile data providers, we have mobile data rates that our competitors cannot even get close to and we are more than happy to pass these rates on to our customers.

Our state of the art GPS trackers and online tracking platform will give you not only live real time tracking but also a full history of where your vehicles have been along with mileage, speed data and advanced geo fence options. You can see all your vehicles on one screen and view on your PC, iPad or smartphone.

Our Back2You plug and play fleet tracker can be fitted in less than five minutes by anyone. Just connect the red wire to + and the black to – and the tracker will appear live on the tracking server. No set up, no antennas to fit and no installation costs. The unit can be connected and located directly next to the vehicle battery and can easily be switched between vehicles without any costly installation fees. If you prefer we can get one of our fully trained mobile fitters to come to you and install the tracker for you.

 Multi network sim

So what will it cost? Buy or rent?

Option One - BUY your tracker

Our inclusive fleet tracking package includes:

  • BTY600 GPS plug and play tracker
  • 12 months subscription to the live real time tracking server with full history and reporting
  • 12 months SIM card data with no extra charges even if your vehicles go outside the UK.
  • What happens after the first 12 months?
    Just pay us for the data £5 per month, no contracts or commitments - you can take it month by month & cancel at any time. If you change your vehicle you can simply swap the unit to your new vehicle.

£200 + VAT
no hidden extras or contracts

Find out more details & buy online

Option two - RENT your tracker

No up front fees Rental package includes:

  • B2Y600 GPS plug and play tracker
  • Access to the tracking server
  • SIM and all data needed for live tracking
  • Ideal for hire fleets
  • Low cost option
  • Rental just £10+VAT per month with only 6 months min. rental, no further contracts or commitments so you can take it month by month and cancel at any time. If you change your vehicle you can simply swap the unit on to your new vehicle.

£10 per month + VAT (min rental 6 months)
no hidden extras or contracts

Find out more details & rent online

Try before you buy FREE no obligation trial

We want all our customers to be happy with their trackers so If you would like a demo unit to try out for a few weeks free of charge with no obligation just contact us and we will send you a tracker to try. All you need to do is connect it to power, no set up no antennas to install or if you prefer you can try our true plug and play tracker which will just plug into the OBD diagnostic port in your vehicle (Every vehicle has one).

And by FREE we mean FREE all we ask for is a £50 fully refundable deposit.  Our fleet tracking costs are around half the price of our nearest competitors so if you are paying more than £5 per month for your tracking give us a call on 0800 0096 366 or please  contact us to arrange for a trial unit.

Small fleet or individual owner drivers

Unlike many tracking companies we are just as keen to deal with small business fleets so even if you only have one vehicle you can still benefit from the full tracking service giving you and your customers the benefit of live location updates and accurate ETAs please contact us if you have any questions or need advice

Worldwide sales

Our trackers work worldwide and there are no roaming charges to pay. You can track your fleet in over 144 countries. Please contact us for further details.

Retail outlets

If you would like to become a Back2You retail stockist, please contact our retail sales department for further details.

Our Customers

We supply tracking solutions to some of the world's largest corporations including Debenhams, Diageo, Renaissance Hotels and BT, Intel and American Express.

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