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Back2You - Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

Each back2you tag or label has a unique serial number which enables it to be traced to the owner via the website. Members contact details are stored on the database.

Members can update and enter descriptions of their luggage, details of their travel itinerary and local contact details online at any time. The instant you lost bag or item is located we will contact you via SMS text message, email or telephone.

What is the size of the back2you tag?

Each back2you are 60mm x 30mm heavy duty stainless steel tags and come complete with high strength security fasteners.

How much does a back2you pack cost?

A back2you pack costs £9.95 (approx. $18.95 subject to exchange rate)

What about shipping and handling?

All back2you products are sent airmail or first class post. The cost is a flat rate of ?2.50 (approx. US$4.50 subject to exchange rate) worldwide. Delivery times: UK 2-3 days USA 6-8 days Europe 3-5 days Rest of the world 8-10 days. If you need your tags urgently email us for express delivery options.

What do I get for my money?

Each back2you pack of contains two heavy duty metal tags and four security labels, and also one years database membership along with full instructions.

Do I get a guarantee?

Yes, back2you offer a 100% no quibble satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on our tags and labels - If you break it, lose it or just don?t like it we will send you a replacement or refund your money no questions asked.

Can I buy a back2you to give as a gift?

Yes, a back2you pacv makes a great gift. The person you give the tags to will go online and register the tags in their own name. The one years database registration runs from when the tags are first registered, not the purchase date.

I have been given a tag, do I have to pay to register it?

No, you can register and use your tags and labels FREE of charge for the subscription period that is included with your tag. At the end of your free subscription period we will email you to see if you would like to renew your membership.

Can I use my back2you more than once?

Yes you can use your tags and labels as many times as you like providing your membership is still current. You can enter a new travel itinerary at any time.

How much will it cost to renew my database membership?

Your first years membership is included in the price of the tags. Subsequent years membership costs £3.95 irrespective of the number of tags you hold.

Why not just write my name and address on my bags?

For security reasons you are strongly advised not to openly display your name and address details on your luggage. If you lose a bag on your outward journey you do not want your bags sent back home if you are not there. The system allows the airlines and other select organisations to view your itinerary and forward your baggage to a suitable destination.

How many bags go missing each month?

According to U.S. Department of Transportation figures over 250,000 bags are lost or mishandled every month on internal flights alone.

What happens to all the lost bags?

Almost all the bags are not lost, just not identifiable to their owners. There is even a company in Alabama who's entire business consists of selling lost luggage, selling thousands of unclaimed items every week.

Will my credit card payment be safe?

Yes. We use HSBC, PayPal and Google Checkout the leading online credit card companies for our credit card processing. They use state of the art encryption and handle the purchasing process. does not keep any of your credit card details.

What about my personal information? is registered under the Data Protection act. We will only use the information you provide for the sole purpose of reuniting you with your luggage. See our privacy policy for full details.

Can I buy tags for my company or organisation?

We offer discounts and customised tags for corporate customers, travel professionals, airline employees, clubs and organisations. We supply custom tags to many of the World's top corporations including American Express, Orbitz, Intel, British Telecom and Barclays Bank. travel clubs and organisations. See our corporate page for details.

I prefer not to order online can I still get a pack?

back2you packs are available in many retail stores, or you can order by email, phone or fax.

Can I change my personal contact details or add my vacation address?

Yes, simply login and amend your details through member services.

If someone finds my bag can they view my personal details?

No, only security vetted airlines, handling agents and lost property agencies will have access to your details.

What happens if I lose a bag?

You can login and report your bag as lost; if it has been found you will be given the location and finders contact details.

How will I know if my bag has been found?

We will contact you by a combination of email, phone, fax and SMS or you can login to at anytime to check.

I've found a bag, how do I report it?

Go to I've found an item and enter the tag number and your contact details.

I've found a bag. Will I get a reward? will send you a free set of tags. The owner of the bag may wish to reward you, however this is entirely at his or her discretion.

If I have a back2you pack, do I still need travel insurance?

Yes, you are strongly advised you always take out travel insurance whenever you travel.

I still have questions, can I speak to a real person?

Yes please feel free to telephone customer support. You can also contact us by email or fax at any time.