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Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Blue

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  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Blue
  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Charging Dock
  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Pink
  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Ski
  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker Black
  • Back2You Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker

Guardian Angel GPS Kid Tracker


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Product Details

With this package you get one of our new Back2you GPS tracker complete with active SIM card so the device is ready to go out of the box!


  • Get the location of the tracker with a single, simple text message.
  • Ideal for Young Children or Teenagers.
  • Pre-installed activated SIM card works worldwide.
  • No hidden extras, you only pay the price of the text/call.
  • Lanyard included so you can keep safe around the neck.
  • Docking station allows for easy charging.
  • Includes everything you need to get up and running quickly.
  • Track using your mobile phone.
  • Fall alarm to alert you if an accident has occurred.
  • 2 way voice calling to allow you to talk to the wearer.
  • Optional Live realtime online tracking.
  • Available in Pink & Blue


GPS Kid Tracker

Ever worried about losing your child on the Ski slopes? Is your child going on a school trip and you just want a little peace of mind with the knowledge you can locate your kid in an instant and also have a two way conversation them if you need to. This is ideal solution if you do not want to give your child a mobile phone. The kid tracker also has an SOS function so if your child does get lost or needs help they can contact your with the press of a button and you can see their exact location on Google maps.

The Back2You Kid / Child tracker is pre-configured, ready to go straight out of the box.

The unit’s features are perfect if you need to keep track of your young child or teenager and ideal for use on the Ski slopes of Europe as it will work anywhere in the world.

The tracker can be located at any time with 1 single text message and it will respond to your phone with a Google map link showing your child’s location on your phone screen.

The unit also has a S.O.S Button which can be pressed by your child should they need help. When the SOS button is pressed the tracker will send a text with the child’s location automatically call your phone and enable you to have a full two way conversation with your child so you can check if they are OK. 

Everything is included with your tracker including the charging cable, docking station, tracker and full instructions and the SIM card is activated with £15 credit on it. There are no ongoing subscription fees associated with the tracker, you just pay for what you use at normal mobile phone rates (5p for a text 10p/min for voice communication) you can top up the SIM online by credit card or by voucher. The unit will work worldwide but you will pay a little more for your text/voice if you are using the unit outside the UK. (8p for a text in Europe)

The battery will last around 4 days on one charge and the unit comes with a stylish docking station charger.


Frequently asked questions:

How does the child tracker work?

Each tracker has a SIM card just like a mobile phone. You can request the location of the tracker by sending a text message from your mobile phone. The tracker will respond back to you with a text message containing a google map link so you can see the exact location on your phone.

Are there any monthly subscription fees?

No, the tracker just use a pay as you go sim card so you only pay for the actual calls or text message the unit uses.

How much will it cost me to run?

When the tracker sends its location by text message the cost of the text message (5p in the UK) will be deducted from the credit on the sim card in the tracker. The tracker comes pre-loaded with £15 credit (enough for 300 text messages) you can check the balance or top up the sim online at any time.

Are the any hidden extra charges for accessories

No everything you need is in the box, tracker, charging dock, pre-inserted SIM card, lanyard and key ring clip.

Can the tracker alert me if the user leaves home?

Yes, a virtual boundary can be set around a home, area or even a town so the tracker will instantly alert you if the user goes outside the area.

What does the SOS button do?

If the SOS button is pressed the tracker will send a text message to the phone number or numbers stored on the device alerting the carer that help is needed and also giving the current location of the tracker. The tracker will then auto dial the parent or carer and the allow a full two-way conversation so the carer can speak directly and ask if the child needs help or reassure them that help is on the way.

How many people will the tracker alert?

Up to 3 numbers can be programmed into the unit. The tracker will try the numbers in succession- if there is no answer from the first number it will go on to the second and then the third number.

Can I make a voice call to the tracker?

Yes, if you want to talk to the user you can call the unit just like you would call a phone, the unit will automatically answer and you will be able to talk to the user and the will be able to talk back to you just as they would on the phone.

How long will the battery last between charges?

In normal mode the battery will last 3-4 days in battery saving mode up to 10 days.

Is the unit easy to charge?

Yes it just pop it on the charging dock to charge – no fiddly leads or plugs to worry about.

Is the tracker waterproof?

Yes the tracker is waterproof.

Will it work with any type of mobile phone?

The tracker will work with any mobile phone but to get the full benefit of seeing the location on google maps you will need a phone that can access maps.

I am not very technical will I be able to use the tracker?

Yes the trackers are very simple to use and if you get stuck we are only a free phone call away, we can help with any things you are not sure about.

I still have questions can I speak to a real person?

Yes call us free on 0800 0096 366 for free advice on any aspects of tracking.






    • See child's location on Google maps
    • Pre-installed activated  SIM card.
    • No hidden extras, you only pay the price of the text/call.
    • Docking station allows for easy recharging.
    • Includes everything you need to get up and running quickly.
    • Track using your mobile phone.
    • Long battery life.
    • 2 way voice calling to allow you to talk to the wearer.
    • Lanyard included so you can keep safe around the neck.
    • Ideal for Young Children and Teenagers.
    • Optional Live real time tracking so you can see on PC
    • Available in Black, Pink or Blue


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Customer Reviews

Peace of mind. Review by Andrew Shepherd
We used the Back2you kid tracker for our four-year old all last season, and found it excellent; simple, reliable, and very reassuring! Her weekly lessons (we are fortunate to live in the mountains) finished at 5pm, i.e. in near darkness in December and January. As an ex instructor myself, I know that little ones can and very occasionally do get separated from their class. Normally they're rounded-up pretty quickly, but a search after dark is a different prospect. For the low cost of this now reliable technology this seemed a worry easily avoided.

Plus it was great to be able to text the tracker anytime and have her location (plus speed and altitude) pop-up on a map on your phone! At four years old we didn't even want to raise the possibility of getting lost on the mountain, we just zipped it in an inside pocket (it's only the size of a key-fob) and told her it was so we knew where she was and to not touch it. We didn't explain she can phone mummy or daddy by holding-down the single large "SOS" button, but this season she'll know and (hopefully!) be sensible enough not to abuse it. We did get a couple of random texts from the device (a quick push of the button sends out its location) when she was probably rolling around in the snow playing, and once or twice the return text with her coordinates took a few minutes to come through, but otherwise it performed perfectly.

We had fun calling it and eavesdropping on her (either rustling when skiing, or chatting animatedly at snack-time!), but of course in a missing-child situation this could be a valuable feature. You can also set it to ring when you call it, and the child answers by pressing the button. Other features are programming it to text you if it goes outside a chosen perimeter (once she starts going off skiing with friends this could be useful), or if it detects a fall followed by a period of motionlessness (not tested).

Once the novelty wore off we mainly just used it to check if they were coming down via the piste or the telecabine at the end of her lesson! There's no contract or subscriptions, just the cost of the texts and calls; a 10 quid top-up lasted us all season. I thoroughly recommend this tracker for anyone who would like the peace of mind of knowing where their child is at any time, or even as a simple parent-to-child "mobile phone" for kids too young for the real thing.

Andrew Shepherd, Morzine, France 10/11/16 (Posted on 11/11/2016)
Easy to use, good value tracker Review by Alex Edwards
I bought this for my son, when we went on holiday abroad, he want wandered off and i was able to text the tracker and find out where he was, once i found out where he was i was able to ring the tracker and have a 2 way conversation with him to tell him to stay where he was whilst i went to get him.
Great piece of mind, highly recommended (Posted on 16/05/2016)
Great peace of mind Review by Bob.J
Great Product, i was able to use the tracker to find my son when he went skiing, very accurate and great call functionality. (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Great for a Ski trip Review by mummyc
Just got back from a week in Austria where our Daughter was in Ski School. It is always a worry trusting your child to a fresh faced instructor in the mountains and this tracker gave us the peace of mind, knowing if she did get lost or separated we could contact her and get her location. Thankfully she did no use the SOS button but we did get check up on her location a few times so we could watch her progress from a distance without putting her off (or embarrassing her!) Amazed how accurate it was even showing the lift she was on.

Fantastic piece of kit will be going on every holiday from now on. (Posted on 04/01/2016)
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