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  • ready to go GPS tracker

Magnetic Guardian GPS Tracker


Product Details

  • Easy to use and ready to track right out of the box.
  • View vehicle locations and speed on Google Maps
  • No Installation costs
  • No monthly fees
  • No wires for a thief to trace
  • Works with any type of mobile phone
  • High capacity, internal rechargeable battery that will last a maximum of 90 days before needing to be charged or up to 12 months in deep sleep
  • Waterproof case and rugged design
  • Instant access to the location of your vehicles
  • Pay as you go SIM card with £15 of credit included! (Enough for around 10 months tracking in normal use)
  • Need more information? Get in touch on 0800 009 6366


The perfect GPS Tracker no installation just charge and hide in the vehicle

Full set up ready to go right out of the box.

The ideal covert tracker for locating: Cars, Motorcycles, Motorhomes,Caravans, Trucks, Tractors, Quad Bikes, Plant machinery, Cargo Containers, Ships and boats. 

The unit is simple to and set up ready to track including a fully activated pay as you go SIM card with £15 credit (Enough to run the unit for around 10 months in normal use) There are no monthly subscriptions to worry about. You can check the balance on your sim and top up online at any time. 

To find out where the unit is you simply call it up from your phone and it will instantly text you back with its exact location along with a direct link to Google maps so you can actually see where your vehicle is. The built in batteries will last up to 90 days between charges and the unit will even send you a message telling you when it needs to be charged. This unit can easily be moved between vehicles. The unit can be set to alert you the moment your vehicle moves making it the ideal anti theft device. 

Ultra low running costs - No need to pay out monthly for your tracking. If your tracker sends you a text alert to tell you it has been stolen it will cost you just 5p which is deducted from the credit on the SIM card (£15 credit - enough for 300 text alerts is included in the price of the tracker)

Try our free tracker demo now:

With a live tracker activated in our office, all you need to do is call the following number on your mobile: 07955 536 822. When you reach the voicemail hang up and you will immediately receive a text stating the exact location of the tracker as well as a link enabling you to view the position on a map.

Tracking your device on your smartphone or is really simple, just download the ‘back2you’ app from the android or apple app store.

You can also add the option of 12 months live real time online tracking so you can see your tracker moving in real time on any PC or tablet. This option is not needed if you are just looking for anti theft protection but is ideal if you need to track delivery drivers or work vehicles as it also gives you a full history of where the vehicle has been. Please note that if live tracking is enabled the battery usage will heavy so you should consider connecting the unit to the vehicle power (full wiring kit is provided)

If you require any further information regarding our products, please feel free to give us a call today on 0800 009 6366.

    • Tracker can be safely secured to any metal surface with its strong magnets
    • Tracker comes equipped with a charger and external antennas if you wish to permanently install your device
    • Immobilise a vehicle or activate alarms remotely with the switch of a button
    • If the unit receives a sudden impact or jolt the shock sensor alarm will alert you
    • A movement alarm will alert you immediately if your vehicle moves from its position
    • An over speed alarm can be set, which alerts you if your vehicle travels faster than the programmed maximum speed
    • Geo fence alarms can be mobilised and you will be notified if your vehicle leaves a certain area
    • No additional antennas are required as the device is armed with GPS and GSM antennas
    • Width 55mm, length 95mm, height 40mm, weight 325g
    • Includes a built in microphone so the tracker can be used as a remote listening device
    • Optional Live real time online tracking 
    • 12 month guarantee and free technical support

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Customer Reviews

Hefty price tag! But dont be discouraged! Review by FoZ
Purchased for my caravan which has no leisure battery connected, so a unit with its own power source was vital!! Did much research and battery longevity was paramount...this came up best, with a 180 day standby time claimed in its specifications.
Came nicely packaged with all the necessary instructions and power cables should you wish to hardwire it to a vehicle battery.

To me, this trackers selling point is the long battery life and I think this is what you pay for in the relatively high retail price tag compared to other cheaper trackers. But a good battery doesn't come cheap and hopefully it will stand the test of time.

The tracker functionality itself is pretty much the same as most trackers on the market. I do however particularly like the "shock" functionality of this unit. ..with 3 different sensitivity settings low/medium/high sensitivity. So if my caravan is tampered with as regarding any vibration or will immediately text me to let me know and with my security cameras trained on the Caravan with remote access from my phone I can view at any time, so I have a sense of calm about my caravan being left on my drive now.

I've had this unit 3 weeks now and since fully charging I've fitted it and put the unit into a deep sleep mode (all LED lights off and minimal power source used) so it will only awaken if vibration is detected. Done a status check on the tracker today via text and it's still showing 100% battery so it all seems pretty much as it states in the description.

Different mode settings will give different battery power source length all depends on personal preference as to what setting suits you best for your needs. For example.. If GPRS mode is activated this sends out data every few minutes/hours therefore battery length is significantly reduced because of this....however an up to date record of the vehicles whereabouts is constantly to hand via the Internet, however there is an annual subscription of about £50 for this service....which equates to less than a pound a week if you look at the bigger picture, which I don't feel is too badly priced!

Charging the unit takes approximately 7 hours to fully charged.

I highly recommend this unit from the experience I have of it so far. I've had no issues and is performing exactly to my needs.
I'm very much contemplating purchasing another for my Campervan and removing my subscription tracker for which I pay £6.99 a month for to do exactly what this one does.

As a side note: this unit comes with a very strong base magnet so it can be mounted practically anywhere on a vehicle...and with no wires to trace back to the unit it will be undetectable to the would be thief if hidden well. (Posted on 28/11/2016)
Absolutely the best Company I have had the pleasure to do business with in a very long time ***** Review by miss b leworthy
Absolutely the best Company I have had the pleasure to do business with in a very long time - Any queries were dealt with extremely promptly and courteously. Excellent product, very easy to install. Very fast delivery. Communication during set up was second to none - they even provided extra antenna completely free of charge. A****** (Posted on 28/11/2016)
Works Well Review by Steve G
I have only had this item for a couple of days but my first impressions are favourable.

The unit itself came without any logo markings, just a small black rectangular anonymous rubberised box.
It appears very solid and looks like it would have no trouble surviving being dropped.

I was grateful for the 3 page A4 quick start guide as although there are full instructions in the form of a small manual some of the manual is a bit unclear really and without the quick start guide I feel you could find yourself reading some of the sections in the manual several times over trying to work out exactly what it was trying to say. That said I’ve had other manuals of apparently Chinese origin which have been far more difficult to interpret. Once it was charged it was quite simple to get it working.

I used the enclosed GiffGaff sim card and went on line to register where I had to add £10 credit and received £5 free after setting the sim up as a PAYG. The cost of each text message sent by the tracker seems to be 6p. You will send a few text messages during the set up procedure.
So far the only real negative point is the connector used for the charger where it connects to the device. It is the sort of small micro connector you would get on the motherboard of a computer perhaps connecting a fan or some other low power take off where it is only pushed on once and then left alone. This is definitely a weak point and care needs to be taken.

Using the device’s basic functions (Which is probably all you will want) is very easy and so far works flawlessly. I have not attached either the GPS or GSM external antennas but it responds within 30 seconds inside my car which is inside my garage.
I intend to use the device just with its internal battery. In the instructions it says the battery has a 60 day battery life not 90 as advertised; time will tell.

It is supplied with the following
Car charger
Mains charger
GPS Antenna
Phone Antenna
Wiring and relay for patching into your car’s internal wiring
Waterproof bag
GiffGaff SIM Card

So far I would definitely recommend this product. I will update this review after I’ve had it for a couple of months. (Posted on 28/11/2016)
Great support Review by Megaru
I bought, set up & used Back2you tracker without any problem but later had a few problems that eventually turned out to be due to a fault in my ad-hoc setup for charging the unit. When I emailed Chris for help he responded promptly & by giving me a series of instructions in a chain of messages, he identified & corrected the problem & never once told me what a plonker I was for causing the problem. I wish "Support" could always be like this. (Posted on 30/06/2016)
does what it says on the tin Review by Liam Breheny
superb piece of kit, puts my mind at rest (Posted on 11/01/2016)
excellent excellent and excellent Review by Mark Twain
Superb, excellent excellent and excellent. The customer service is also absolutely wonderful. I had one of those random idiot moments where I somehow managed to get the sim card stuck in the tracker, and worrying about phoning them and asking for help. I was pleasantly surprised!

Normally companies would find whatever means that can to avoid replacing or fixing something you messed up, yet these guys didn't give me any trouble. Sent the tracker back to them, they fixed it, and now my car is essentially thief proof. So easy to set up that even a total ignoramus like me can do it! Just follow the instructions.

Will definitely be doing a lot of business with this company in the future. If you have any reservations about buying this, abandon them now! You won't be dissapointed! (Posted on 11/01/2016)
5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic Product. Review by Brian Ronald
Fantastic product. It's proving to be very useful indeed and simple to use.

I had delivery issues initially, not from the supplier but the courier. The product arrived a few days behind schedule but it's been in use every since. Works a treat! (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Great peace of mind. Review by P. Casimir-mrowczynski
Seems to work really well.
To setup I used the additional easier to use instructions.
( I never received the 'ok' message )
The location is spot on and I don't use the extras aerials - just leave it secreted in my car.
The battery life seems very good too. (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Waited a while to review as I wanted to see ... Review by Howie123
Waited a while to review as I wanted to see how it performed. Works perfectly, charge last around three months. Going to hook it up to the leisure battery eventually (Posted on 11/01/2016)
SIMPLY everything that is GOOD arising from Amazon. Review by Kango
QUALITY seller with a QUALITY product. (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Good value Review by Bazzy
Why pay more when this does everything you need? (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Excellent product worth every penny Review by Dr Jon
I would recommend you read the manual line for line before you start to use it as there a few basic settings that may not be what you expected as default from the factory. One thing was that it is set to sleep after 5 minutes by default and would only wake if you send an SMS. I wanted mine to be alive 100% of the time and after reading the manual i found the command to make it do this. I now have the tracker working and very happy so far. The extra cost compared with the other at around 50 pounds is well worth the investment. (Posted on 11/01/2016)
coupled with excellent customer service Review by Paul F. Cooper
well impressed......coupled with excellent customer service...... (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Love It Review by Shani
Love it .. Battery is already at 50% after 2 weeks but brilliant product (Posted on 11/01/2016)
The best i have seen and used! Review by Mr D.
This is an impressive piece of technology which does all that it says with ease. Can thoroughly recomend this to anyone who wants to keep track of any sort of vehicle with the added bonus of theft protection! (Posted on 11/01/2016)
cant be bad. Review by Paul Lewis
Works well and is portable. I used in my caravan, now its in my classic car. I downloaded the App which is basic and not that well thought out but it does allow some settings remotely. I simply dial up and wait for a text back. From the text I click the link for Google maps and it tells me when the device is. Peace of mind, cant be bad. (Posted on 11/01/2016)
Absolutely the best Company I have had the pleasure to do business with in a very long time ***** Review by Bev Leworthy
Absolutely the best Company I have had the pleasure to do business with in a very long time - Any queries were dealt with extremely promptly and courteously. Excellent product, very easy to install. Very fast delivery. Communication during set up was second to none - they even provided extra antenna completely free of charge. A****** (Posted on 04/01/2016)
The best tracker Review by Bud
This is an impressive piece of equipment, does what it states on the "tin". Is very easy to set up and works. Is fitted to my touring caravan. Have tested it on two journeys it tracked the van by GPS and updated my iphone all throught the journey. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to keep track of any sort of machinery or veh. The farmer where I store my van is looking into getting this tracker for tractors. (Posted on 04/01/2016)
Works well ***** Review by Glossy
Used this fitted to my motorbike so folk at home could see where I was touring Scandinavia it does more than I needed, similar to other units it works with a GiffGaff sim card, a phone call made then cancelled and the caller receives a txt with a link to a map - saves spelling difficult Norwegian place names!! (Posted on 04/01/2016)
Smarties Review by Smarties
The self-contained GPS vehicle tracker arrived very quickly (next day, Royal Mail signed for delivery) in a small, neat box. The box contained the tracker unit itself, a 12 volt car charger, mains charger, external GPS and phone antennas (not necessary but can be plugged in if in a poor phone signal area) and an instruction manual.

For the purpose of our review, the unit had already been configured and switched on so that we could get a demonstration of tracking the unit’s journey to us. (This was very accurate – the Postman looked rather startled when we opened the door before he had chance to ring the doorbell!)

After unpacking the unit, we set about putting it into our vehicle. We chose to place the unit in the boot of our car, as we have a power socket available in this location. However, if your vehicle does not have this feature, the battery in the unit will last up to 60 days when fully charged or can be hard wired into the car with the wiring loom provided. As this is a demonstration unit, we fastened it to a fixing in the boot just using the built in magnetic base to allow for easy removal. The whole fitting process took 2 minutes!

After installing the unit, you’re ready to go! Tracking your vehicle is very simple, go to and log in using your username and password (this is set up with the company when the device is purchased – a very easy process). After logging in, you will see a map on the screen and a pointer indicating the current position of your vehicle on the map. There is the option to view this as both a map and a satellite image. It can even be viewed using Google Street View.

There are many more advanced features that you can set up on your device from the website listed above. These are all detailed in the extensive and detailed instructions and user guides supplied with the unit. For the purposes of this review, we will obviously only mention the ones we have used an experienced. Many of the features on the device go way beyond our requirements!

We activated the feature which sends a text message to a pre-programmed mobile number when the vehicle moves more than 200 metres. The text message arrived promptly and reliably. Initially, there was a very minor issue when setting up this feature and we had to contact customer support for assistance. Customer support was absolutely first rate and our issue of text messages not coming through was very swiftly resolved. After this, we had no more issues and every time the car moved more than 200 metres, the text message appeared without fail.

One morning, one of us went on a planned shopping trip which involved both motorway and rural roads. This gave us the perfect opportunity to test the live tracking feature via the website. This proved to be so accurate that we could pinpoint the exact place in which we parked and also our position when in a queue at a toll booth!

There is also a feature in which you can playback a previous journey, using the pointer on the map. This also proved to be extremely reliable and accurate.

Another useful feature is that you can instantly locate your vehicle from anywhere using your mobile phone. Simply call the telephone number of the SIM card provided with your device, when the device “answers” simply end the call. The device will then send you a text message giving the vehicle’s position, speed and battery health of the device. You can then key this position into Google Maps or if you have a smartphone, click on the link provided in the text message which will show your vehicle’s position instantly on Google Maps.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with the both the unit and the standard of customer service. Our emails and telephone calls to back2you were always dealt with promptly and with courtesy and the staff members are very knowledgeable. We found that the unit gave us peace of mind that in the event of our vehicle being taken without our consent, we could locate it very quickly and pass on information to the relevant authorities without delay.

We would like to thank back2you for the loan of this unit and we would have no hesitation in recommending both the unit itself and the company to friends and family.

Many thanks,

Rob Moore (Posted on 29/10/2013)
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