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Caravan theft is on the increase and one of the best ways to protect your valuable caravan is to fit a tracking device. A GPS Caravan Tracker will alert you the moment your caravan is moved so rather than wake up to see it is gone you will get an instant text alert if anyone moves it in the night and once triggered the tracker will update you of its location every 3 minutes giving you a google maps link you can view on your phone. If you store your Caravan away from your home having a GPS Tracker can also give you the peace of mind of knowing if it is moved. You can get the location of the tracker at any time just by calling the number of the sim card in your caravan tracker. Caravan thefts in the UK are up by 20% with many stolen caravans never being recovered. Police forces through the country recommend fitting a tracker to help with the recovery of stolen caravans.

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